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Please see our NEW Troubleshooting page to answer all your Blue Clean questions.


New SPEEDY WASH F.A.Q. has been added!!!!


Speedy Wash FAQs

The detergent suction hose is missing in the box.
The detergent suction tube is already attached to the Speedy Wash.  You will find it on the back of the unit on the left side by the wheel.  There is a small black plastic screen sticking out from the case.  Simply pull the screen out which is attached to the clear detergent tube.  It extends out 15 inches from the unit.
How does the detergent function work?
Activate the detergent function as follows:
1.      Extend the detergent suction tube.
2.      Insert tube into a bottle with detergent solution.
3.      Set the nozzle to the Detergent setting (has the Bubbles symbol and is the largest nozzle opening)
4.      Squeeze the spray gun to spray.
5.      The detergent is sprayed at low pressure.
6.      Spray the surface and allow a few minutes for the chemical cleaning to take place.
7.      Switch the nozzle to either the Adjustable spray or the Turbo spray setting for the final high pressure rinse.
NOTE: Do not let the detergent solution dry before rinsing. 
What is the plastic piece that looks like a small “whale tail” for?
The “whale tail” piece attaches to the back side of the unit, on the top behind the handle. There are two holes in the case that line up with the two holes in the “whale tail.” Use the two screws to attach the “tail.”
The “whale tail” allows the electrical cord to be stored on the back side of the unit and prevents the cord from slipping off the tool caddy. The upright peg on the “tail” allows the spray gun to be attached to it for storage and as a longer handle for wheeling the Speedy Wash around.
The Speedy Wash will not turn on.
·         Check for water flow through the spray gun by squeezing the trigger.
·         If no water flow, make sure the water is turned on at the faucet; the garden hose is not plugged or kinked and/or the garden hose adapter is properly connected (See the Garden Hose Adapter FAQ for more information).   Note: Always turn the water faucet ALL the way on.
·         If water flow is OK, then check the GFCI at the end of the power cord.
·         When the RESET button is pressed down, the small plastic window above the RESET button must show RED when the button is released.
·         If the RED color does not stay in the window, there is no electricity going to the Speedy Wash unit. Try another outlet to see if the RESET button will set and hold the RED in the window.
·         If still no success, call Customer Service at 1-866-235-5112 for assistance.
·         If the RED does stay in the window, go to the Speedy Wash and turn the rotary power switch in the front from the “O” to the “I” setting.
·         The motor should turn on for 1-2 seconds and shuts off.
·         To begin pressure washing, squeeze the spray gun trigger. The pump will turn on when it senses water flow. The pump will turn off when the trigger is released and the water flow stops.
·         If the Speedy Wash still does not turn on when the GFCI window shows RED and the power switch is in the “I” position, contact Customer Service at 1-800-235-5112.
The pump is running but the water coming out of the spray gun has no pressure.
For a high pressure spray you must have the following:
·         The lance and 3-in-1 spray nozzle must be attached to the spray gun.
·         The nozzle setting must be set to the Adjustable spray or the Turbo spray setting.
·         The Detergent spray setting has a LOW pressure spray.



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